Sports Activity

A sound mind rests in a healthy body & we firmly believe in this theory. We try to approach with all kinds of curricular & sports activities that include indoor as well as outdoor sports.

The indoor house carpets a activities like swimming, music, dance, art, craft much more with best amenities one can dream to get. The outdoor thrills & warm up fun carries the budding sportsmen to all field of cricket, athletic, kho-kho, volleyball & non ending safari of physical fitness.


Like most sports, table tennis offers great mind-body stimulation, aerobic exercise, and social interaction.  Unlike many sports, however, the overall risk for injury with table tennis is quite low.


Badminton is a great game both as a professional and recreational one. It requires not only skill but also extensive body movement which helps to keep you physically fit and strong. This is the best feature of APC Sports Arena.


As electronic handheld games, video games, and computer software hit the market, most of the board games were pushed aside at every home. Little did everyone knew that the board games like Carrom had played a vital role in molding the personality of each individual.


While playing chess, the most active part of our body is the brain. As the brain works like a muscle, it needs regular exercises for being healthy and avoid injuries. In fact, a medical study showed that playing chess decreases the risk of dementia, as well as prevents its symptoms because playing chess develops brain functioning. So, APC is not onl concentrating on physically development but also on mental development.


If your child loves the bat-and-ball game played in the ground with high team spirit, this may be the right time to enroll your little one in the cricket coaching in the cricket academy of The APC School, Pratapgarh. The APC School Cricket Academy, Pratapgarh focuses majorly on the aspects of training in the game of cricket, whether it is physical or technical. The academy provides coaching in theories adopted by the best batsmen in the India, evaluation of field, grass and wind before the start of the game, strategy to start an inning, how to when to rotate the strike and other techniques


Swimming is one of those workouts that can easily be a second thought – the gym always seems to take priority The stress-busting attributes swimming brings also work on a deeper level for those with a mental illness. Swimming gives you breathing space


A lot of people love playing billiards, as it is a great way to improve your own skill, or simply pass the time with friends. However, there’s more to playing billiards than you might think, and we don’t just mean technique. Playing billiards actually has some health benefits. While you may not have thought about that aspect of the game before, you could be doing your body and mind a favor the next time you pick up a cue. This is the only school which provides all these of facilities in sports.